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Company Description

Founded in 2011, Azalea Design Co. is dedicated to bringing clients the best and most optimized designs, while keeping the user experience as seamless as possible. We serve everyone, no matter the industry. Join us, in leaving the best impression no matter your industry, and stand out in the advertising and marketing scene.

Our Team

Jerald Ng Jun Eng

Jerald Ng Jun Eng

Founder & CEO

Jerald Ng's has worked on many projects before starting Azalea Design Co., and has a multitude of experience in many industries to guide clients and connect brands to consumers in new authentic and engaging ways.

Jerald has worked proactively with on past projects such as Tealive ®, and has helped to develop disruptive new business models that exploit new capabilities in a rapidly evolving competitive landscape to foster collaboration and creativity, ushering in a new era of abundance, discovery, and opportunity.

Wilson Nam Zhi Qi

Wilson Nam Zhi Qi

Founder & Director

Wilson has spend his career working on the financial side of the food industry.

With his background in Business Economics, Wilson has found a niche providing insight on the financials and business operations for many of our clients.
Wilson has found that creativity and outside-the-box thinking are necessities to approaching challenges and providing solutions to unique business and overall problems.

Karen Lai Shu Hui

Karen Lai Shu Hui

Chief Designer

Karen has been the lead creative director of Azalea Design Co. since we were founded in 2011.

She is a graduate of Singapore Polytechnic where she studied Event Management. After graduation, she moved on to working part-time at event companies such as Adrenalin before she joined the team at Azalea Design Co.

Operating Hours

Our Office is open for any consultations or meeting.
Book an appointment in advance during operating hours 9am - 9pm daily.

Office Location

We are located at the OUE Bayfront building, level 72.
District 01, 50 Collyar Quay, Singapore 049321.

Azalea Design Co.

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